This Is Us - A Vision Series

Where is God leading us as a church family? What are the key values of our church? What is my part in the story? These are the questions we will be looking at in our vision series called “This Is Us.”

Our understanding of how the church works is that Jesus is the leader and we do what he tells us to do, we go where he tells us to go. God initiates; we respond. And as I’ve prayed, and as our leaders have prayed, the overwhelming sense that we feel is that God is inviting us deeper into his presence, his love, and his power. We sense God inviting us to ask him for more of his Holy Spirit to come and move in our midst. We sense God calling us to remember who we are as a part of the Vineyard movement.

We pray, “Come, Holy Spirit!” We live in the tension of the already and the not-yet. We are naturally supernatural. We remember the poor. We experience God in worship. We understand faith is spelled “R-I-S-K” We believe that everyone gets to play.

This is us!

Come and join us as we join God in his kingdom story for us, our church, and our city!

Insoo Kim