Florys are Moving Back to Ohio

Dear Life Church Family and Friends,

I wanted to let you know that Brent, Amy, Claire, and Caleb will be returning to Ohio at the end of July. This difficult decision was made after a long season of prayer and discussion. While we desperately wish that they didn’t have to leave, we fully support them and agree with them in their decision that it would be best for them to go back to Ohio to be closer to their extended family as they continue to grieve, mourn, and find healing as a family after losing their son, Benjamin.

Below is the letter that Brent and Amy wrote explaining their decision.

This is a really big change for our church plant. This is a really hard thing for me personally. I know this is the right decision, but I can’t help but feel a deep sense of loss as we say goodbye to our dear teammates and friends who moved out here with us to plant this church. Never in a million years could we have possibly anticipated that our church planting story would involve the loss of a child. With all of our questions and hurts, we turn to God and ask for his grace to continue to run the race set before us. We would really appreciate your continued prayers for our church community.

Their last Sunday with us will be July 28. We will have a special service where we will honour them for their ministry in Vancouver, give them a chance to share and say goodbye to our church family, and gather around them to pray blessing over them. You are most welcome to join us if you are able.

We would like to give them a special box of photos, letters, and cards as a goodbye gift. If you would like to send in a card, letter, or a photo, please get those to me or Angela by July 15. Our address is 906-95 E. 1st Ave. Vancouver, BC V6A 0H6.

The Florys are having a Goodbye Picnic on Saturday, July 13, 11am-2pm at Hinge Park in Olympic Village. We would love to see all of you there!

Insoo & Angela Kim


Dear Life Church,

It is with mixed emotions that Amy and I share with you that we have made a final decision to move from Vancouver back to Ohio. We are overjoyed to be reunited with much of our family and our friends who live in Ohio. But we are deeply saddened to leave you and the rest of our friends in Vancouver.

The length of time that we have gotten to spend with each of you varies, but we are grateful for each of you. It has been an honour to know and serve with you over our four years in Vancouver. Thank you for the encouragement and love that you have shared with us in our best and worst of times here in Canada.

Amy and I are especially grateful for how much love you have generously given Claire and Caleb. Many of you have invested in them deeply, coming alongside them and Amy and I when we have been profoundly struggling. Words are insufficient to express how important that has been to us.

There are a variety of factors that have played into our decision. Many of you know the difficulties that Amy and I have dealt with in finding work here, and in finding a reasonable school situation for Claire. However, those are all secondary issues that we could overcome in a different season of life.

But not in this season of life. We are in a season where we need to grieve the loss of our son, Benji. We are in a season where we need the support and comfort of being home with our families.

Thank you for being so supportive of us in our grief. It has meant the world to us to have you around us as we have started this journey of figuring out how to be a family of four when we should be a family of five. However, the reality is that our emotional tanks are running on empty.

Our family needs to heal, and we believe Ohio is the place where we have the best opportunity to do so.

We will be leaving for Ohio on July 29th. We are having a goodbye picnic on July 13th from 11am-2pm at Hinge Park, please come spend time with us then if you are able.

We will be at church and around the neighbourhood as well before we leave, but with the preparations for moving at hand our availability will be more limited than we would prefer.

We have a lot to figure out as we re-establish ourselves in Ohio. We would appreciate your ongoing prayers as we adjust to living back in the US. It will take time for us to find a new normal there. We would also appreciate prayers for finding jobs, and for Claire and Caleb as they adjust to life in Ohio. Please pray that we would find the right house to rent. And lastly, please pray for our healing, individually, and collectively as a family.

Please keep in touch with us. We are excited to hear about all that God has in store for Life Church in the upcoming season and beyond. You have our love and prayers. Thanks for all the love you have freely given us and all the prayers you have prayed for us through our time here.

The Flory Family

Insoo Kim