Finding God in the Modern World

On May 5, we are beginning a new teaching series called "Finding God in the Modern World" where we will be considering some hard questions about faith, doubt, science, and secularism. Is faith and doubt compatible? Is Christianity and science compatible? How could a good God allow evil and suffering? Can the Bible be trusted? How can there be only one true religion? Why should I believe in Jesus?

In addition to teachings on these various topics, we will also be hearing from people in our church family share about their personal journey of finding God.

Our vision as a church is to be a place where followers of Jesus are encouraged and edified to be the living church in Vancouver. But we also want to be a safe place where seekers, skeptics, and the curious can explore questions about God, faith, and life. So please come and be strengthened in your spiritual journey. But also please invite your friend who may enjoy discussing these topics with us.

Insoo Kim