What Kind of Fast Should I Do? (From Brent Flory)

2018 is here! As begin the new year, all of us probably have a lot on our minds. Including everyone’s favourite thing to think about: resolutions! My big resolution last year was cutting way back on my sugar intake. With my affinity for ice cream, well, let’s just say that one did not make it to February.
Are you considering a resolution or two for this year? Or are you resolutely avoiding resolutions? Either way, there is one resolution we want to strongly encourage the entire Life Church community to participate in: our 19 days of prayer and fasting in January.
The 19 days of prayer and fasting will begin on January 8. Wow, that is going to get here quickly! With that in mind, now would be a great time to ask God about what kind of fast He wants you to do.
The fasting track you pray about should challenge you. However, you need to be wise and know what your body can handle. For example, for people who have diabetes, fasting from food can be harmful or dangerous. If you have other health issues to take into consideration, please contact me to discuss them further before deciding on a fasting track.
We know people’s experience with fasting varies greatly in our church. To make sure everyone feels empowered to participate, we want to encourage people to do one of four tracks.
Four Types of Fasts to Consider
1. Complete Fast
For this type of fast, you would only drink liquids, typically water. Drinking light juices is also an option.
2. Selective Fast
This type of fast involves removing specific foods or elements (ex. sugar) from your diet. One potential selective fast would be what is called the Daniel Fast. You would eat only fruits and vegetables, drink only water and juice, and stop eating meat, dairy products, sweets, and breads.
3. Partial Fast
This type of fast is also known as the “Jewish Fast” and involves abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon. You can set specific times for your fast (ex. 6am to 4pm), or fast from sunup to sundown.
4. Soul Fast
If you have never fasted before or have health issues, then this type of fast may be the best track for you. Think about habits that consume a great deal of your time. You could fast from television, social media, or anything else that the Holy Spirit might bring to mind as you pray. Whatever you choose to fast from, you would stop doing that activity during the 19 days of fasting and prayer.
Remember, the point of a fast is to draw close to God. As you pray about which track you should do, keep in mind that one type of fast is not superior to another. The goal of a fast is to connect with our heavenly Father, not to impress others with how spiritual we appear. God is calling each of us to take our next step of faith toward Him. And He is thrilled when we take that step, wherever we are in our journey walking with Him.
What kind of fast is God calling you to do?

Insoo Kim