Around the Table

It was two years ago this past October that we moved into this apartment in Vancouver. The table in the center of this above photo was the first piece of furniture we purchased. It was way too big for our small living space, but we got it because we wanted our life to be about family, hospitality, and invitation. We dreamed about the meals that we would share, the people that we would meet, and the family that Jesus would build around this table.
Recently, as I watched this group laughing, loving, and doing life around this table, I couldn’t help but smile. Jesus is bringing complete strangers together around this table and making us into a family.
Do you have a table where you belong, where you are known, where you experience community that’s greater than just your immediate family? If not, go find a table. Better yet, go buy a table – a really big table – and invite others to sit and eat. And watch the beautiful things that happen when people find their place at the table.

Insoo Kim