A Dream for Vancouver

A Dream for Vancouver

We created a short video so that you can hear from a few of the people who are a part of our church family.

They are an answer to your faithful prayers and generosity. They are the reason that we moved to Vancouver two years ago. They are the reason we are planting this church.

This is our Vancouver dream. It’s an audacious prayer to see God gather a band of misfits and dreamers who dare to believe that Jesus can and will heal the hurting, give sight to the blind, and radically transform lives by his power and love!


Imagine a church where people from every country represented in Vancouver will gather together as one to passionately worship Jesus.

Imagine a church where people are regularly experiencing the life-changing presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and are set free from sin and healed from diseases.

Imagine a church where troubled marriages are restored, broken families are healed, and individuals from all walks of life find family and a place to call home.

Imagine a church where the rich and poor worship side by side, and the privileged use their power to speak up for those who have no voice.

Imagine a church that blesses other Christian churches in the city and works collaboratively to advance the story of God for Vancouver together.

Imagine a church that will be the best friend of the city by praying for and coming alongside of the leaders in government, business, education, entertainment, and the arts.

Imagine a church where every member is obsessed with making Jesus known to those who do not yet know him. 

Imagine loving hundreds of people into life-changing relationships with Jesus.

This is our dream. This is our prayer. And to do this, it takes all of us working together, praying together, serving together, and giving together.

As the year closes, we invite you to join in this dream for Vancouver by continuing to pray for our church plant and contributing to see a city changed by the love of Jesus.

Insoo Kim