Serving the Homeless (by Brent Flory)

Last month our church community put together 100 care packages to hand out to the homeless in our city. One Sunday evening, instead of our regular group meeting, we went out in groups and handed out the packages.

Amy, Claire, Caleb, and I went out as a family with a bag of the packages. I won’t soon forget the first people we met. There were some people living in tents under an overpass in the downtown Eastside. We approached two ladies who were sitting there and struck up a conversation with them.

The ladies were certainly appreciative of the packages, but what meant the most to them was that we simply acknowledged them as fellow human beings. “You have no idea how much it means to me for you to look me in the eye and say hello," one of the ladies said with tears in her eyes. “Most people won’t act as if I exist.”

Hurting people in our city need to know that we see them and care. Our community is seeking the Lord in how we are to engage in justice and mercy work in our city. We know that doing little things like handing out care packages isn’t going to change the city overnight. But when we love people with the little we have to offer, we believe that we will see the Gospel greatly change their lives.

How might you serve the poor and the homeless this Christmas season so that they may experience the hope of Christ?

Insoo Kim