Baptism Experience

Chu moved from Taiwan to Vancouver to study English. He spoke very little English so we had a hard time communicating. He never said much, but he kept on coming every week. It wasn’t until about a month later that I was finally able to understand his story. It turns out that he showed up to our Sunday small group gathering thinking that it was sort of a dinner club. He had zero church experience. He had never read the Bible before. I asked him why he kept coming when he realized that we were a Christian group. He said that he felt really loved by the people in our community. That’s why he kept coming back.

Over the last 4 months, I’ve been meeting with Chu on a weekly basis to study the Bible together and share the Gospel message with him. In September he received Jesus into his life, and he was baptized at our baptism service. He’s now a part of our men’s discipleship group where he’s growing in his faith and learning to share Jesus with others.

These are the kinds of stories that we want to be a part of in Vancouver!

Insoo Kim